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The problem with creating a top 50 tv shows of all time is there are so many shows out there which is amazing on its own way.So i am going to create a list not based on which show is better than the other but based on shows that you should never miss the chance to watch.Last couple of years were golden age of telivision with some of the shows better than some of best loved movie stories.
Below are some of the most loved tv shows in recent years that you shouldn't miss.

 If you are looking for a telivision series that will blow you away,then look no further.If you have not watched this show already stop asking questions and just watch it already. Breaking Bad is number one on the list because of all the episode i watched in the series,there is not even one episode is boring.Attention to detail of the show is amazing.We can see that the show creater Vince Gilligans attention to detail to each individual things in the show like Walter Whites car 2004 Pontiac Aztek.I have never seen a show with such an amazing cast.Interaction between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is always wonderful to watch both of whom have come to depend on each other coming from opposite background.Walter White being a chemistry teacher and Pinkman a drug dealer in his school.This series shows how much a man is willing to go to provide for his family even when facing death.The best episode of the series is without a doudt is it's finale.With every subplots and story coming to an end in a perfect way(More information on finale will lead to spoilers),which is rare for a tv series.I have never been so emotionally attatched to a tv series or any movie that i can think of as much as this show.I have nothing more to say about this show than go watch it if you have not watched it already.


No,i am not talking about the amazing 1996 movie by Coen brothers.I am talking about the recent show starring brilliant cast include Martin Freeman(Dr.Watson of Sherlock Holmes BBC version) and Billy Bob Thornton.These two stars  are the main reason that the show is so good.Every episode of the series continues to amaze me.Eventhough there are still episodes left to end of season,i am sure they are going to end in the most spectacular way possible.Fargo is a place of misery as shown in the series with very bad people coming to Fargo at one of the worst time of the year.Lester Nygaard transformation from a victim of bullying to a man with control of his own life is shown with great care.Soundtrack is topnotch with emotion shown through sound.This show much with good audio system to appreciate it fully.I am not going to spoil anything just go and watch it already.


True detective has one of the best cast i have ever seen in a telivision series with main characters Matthew McConoughey and Woody Harrelson stealing the show.We can actually feel the dread the characters of the show are facing with an amazing soundtrack that captures the mood of the show.Nic Pizzalato has done great job in the direction and casting these amazing actors to act in this show.This show is not only one of the great shows ever shown in tv.It has one of the most thrilling story and has one of the best finale in telivison.You should definitely watch this show even if you are not a tv show watcher,trust me you will thank me later.

4.Game Of Thrones 

First of all i would like to apologize for putting this show so down the list.I put this show in 4th position because this show is so well known and is one of the most popular shows on tv right now.
Cast of the show is fantastic,they have done a great job in casting,makeup,custome,soundtrack
and location.My favourate character of the show is Tyrrion Lannistor.Peter Dinklage is a fantastic actor who captures the wit and intelligence of the character.Overall the best fantasy tv show that has ever made.Period.

5.Sherlock Holmes

Modern retelling of the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has caught everyone by surprise including me.Bennedict Cumberbatch is the right actor casted as Sherlock Holmes for this series.Martin Freeman is also great as Dr.Watson.This show is not as ground breaking or violent as that of True Detective or Breaking Bad.Sherlock Holmes arrogance is captured more brilliantly than even in the books in my opinion,driving everyone around him nuts.This show must be watched with a good audio system and a good tv or project to be fully enjoyed.Even though there is only 3 episodes in a season.Some of them are 90 minutes long.FYI There is an american version of sherlock holmes called Elementery,i have not dared to watch that show.

6.Walking Dead

Walking Dead is a tv series based on comics created by Robert Kirkman.The main star of the show is Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln.The best thing to say about this show is that we never know when our favourite characters are going to get killed,it's definitely an edge of the seat experience.First show mainly focused on Rick Grimes but from season 2 onwards they decided to broaden the horizon giving other characters more screen time.The reason this show is popular is because it really makes us ask ourselves how much we are willing to sacrifice to save our loved ones.Also checkout Walking Dead game from Telltell games.It is as good as the tv show.

7.House Of Cards

If you are a Kevin Spacey fan,you should definitely watch this show.House Of Cards is not for
someone who is looking for lots of action scenes.You have to watch 2 or 3 episodes to understand,
why is this show one of the most popular tv show in telivision.This series tells the story of Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacy who is looking for retribution for being passed over for the Secretory of State plays a dangerous game involving Black mail,manipulation with the intention of 
greater good.If someone like me who has no interest in polical Dramas can love this show.I am sure you will love it too.

8.Person Of Interest

This show took some time to get the right footing.But when it finds the way it becomes one of the best shows on telivision.The biggest problem with this show is that it can't repeat it's awesomeness in every episode.For example if the episode middle of the season is amazing,in the next episode they decide to dial it down a bit and it sometimes become very boring.When an episode is going to 
be good,you will know within first minutes.Person Of Interest tells the story of David Finch a genious computer programmer who has created an A.I which can detect acts of violence before it actually happens.Although he was against using this A.I to protect people around him at first,when his friend gets killed in a terror attack.He changes his mind and with the help of John Reese and a couple of others tries to save people from being killed at the same time protecting themselves from the government as well as different groups trying to kill them.

9. Justified

This show is probably not as famous as any of the tv show said in above.But believe me when i tell you if you miss this show,you are missing one of the best tv shows in telivision.The show is centered around the war between United States Marshal Deputy Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder who was former military,supremaracist and whole nine yards.Justified is set in Harlan County which is safe heaven for people with very bad intentions.This show keeps you at the edge of the seat from the very begining to the end and we keep coming back for more.Every character is fleshed out and the violence is shocking and so quick that you won't believe they just dared to do that.Find out how good is this show for yourself.If you are going to skip this show you are really missing something.


Arrow caught everyone by surprise including me.Everyone who is a DC comic fan was looking for this show but no one guessed the show will be as good as it is now.The green arrow actor is fantastic.The action scenes are not all cgi like majority of superhero movies out there.The strength of the show is the characters of the show.Every character has their own storyline.No one is left behind and every villain appearing in the show really stretches Arrow to his breaking point.If you don't want to miss the best comic book based tv show ever created,watch this show.




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